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Aluminum Chainmail

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Aluminum Chainmail Shirt Aluminum Chainmail Shirt
Handmade from 14 ga. anodized aluminum rings, stronger than 16 or 18 ga. aluminum chainmail. This aluminum chainmail shi…
Anodized Aluminum Chainmail Shirt Anodized Aluminum Chainmail Shirt
Made of anodized aluminum this shirt has a gray appearance. It has been made of 5/16" inside diameter rings and fea…
Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Coif Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Coif
A chainmail coif is a hood that can be worn over a leather or fabric skullcap or arming cap, additionally the coif itsel…
Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Shirt Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Shirt
At one third the weight of steel, aluminum chain mail is a good choice. However, being a softer metal, the rings can eas…

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